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The Darkness *
HZH ( / California)

The Darkness *

The darkness closes in
Surrounding me in misty doubts
Forming a ever tightening web
Of whispers and fears
Making the unknown
A tangible possibility
Yet, there is no proof
No validation of truth
Why does my mind
Think such negatives
Are the possible reasons
For someone's actions
That have never been untrue?
Is it my lack of faith
Or my weakness
To believe the worst?
The spider weaving the web
Is steady, patient and sure
Rebuilding each time
The web is destroyed.
And will not stop until
Successfully catching it's prey.
The spider of doubt
Must be destroyed.

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spider create webs in vacant spaces....so only destroying them won't do....for they will resurface, they are in plenty in this world, ......the spaces need to be occupied.......hopes should occupy these spaces in mind....along with will power trust in oneself.....i really like this poem.....adding it to my favorites