The Darkness Inside

The pain in my soul won’t go away its hurting deeply
It lingers on in my head things that happened days ago
I just want to be left alone and I just want to die
I want to suppress this pain that is bounding me inside
I feel so sad all I do all day is sleep and cry
Its the only thing that I feel like I can do
To avoid what I can do to tear this pain away
Why won’t it leave me alone I am better with out it
But will I be the same person without it
I doubt it
Its a part of me
The darkness inside
Thoughts of death from my hands
That’s hurting in my mind
Can’t stop the pain can’t stop the hurt
Maybe it will leave me if I’m not around
I hate myself, I hate everything that I am
I hate the place where I dwell
I hate where I am from
No one understands
No one even cares
They don’t care about the hurt that I feel daily
They don’t care about the suffocating that I feel all around
I am bound
bound in this body that is like a prison
How can I escape this how can I end this
I will commit suicide by overdose
Or maybe I will slit my wrist
Or kill myself slowly by not eating
Whose here to stop me I don’t think you can
Another day my blood still flows
I look normal but the darkness is still inside

by Danielle Huffman

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