The Darkness That 'Us' Used To Fill

Last night i cried for you, just like all the other nights.
There are so many things i need you to know,
I need you to understand how i feel,
I need you and me to be 'us' again.

I know i'm running down a worn out track,
I should have appriciated you more then,
All the times you told me i was the only one,
That you could never love another,
What has become of those heart felt promises now?
They're nothing but fading words that im rapidly losing grip of.

I wanted things to be how they were,
If we didn't face so many obsticles, i'd fight to win you back,
But things can never be the same,
She's the one for you now,
The one who has your heart,
While you keep hold of mine.

Tonight i'll cry for you, just like all the other nights.
Tomorrow will be the same,
I'll keep crying,
The rivers will keep flowing
The pain will keep coming,
And you'll keep going.

by Lily Espinosa

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