The Dawn Of Tomorrow

Awaiting he who cares to find
this special world where hope resides,
the paradise within my mind,
where dreams were long ago defined,
aroused by dawn's alluring show.

Throughout the vibrant morning skies
are glowing hues of distant love.
The color burst excites my eyes,
dispelling anguish in my cries,
and leading me where dreamers roam.

'Tis here where I'll behold the face
of one whose light is shining bright.
A kindred heart I will embrace
when touched by his romantic grace;
entranced within his gentle gaze.

Then with his blessed hand in mine
we'll find an Eden of our own.
As joyful spirits intertwine,
two separate lives will then combine
within this realm where love unfolds.

A story told like none before
is carved upon a mountainside;
our spirits captured evermore.
And when we pass through Heaven's door,
our legacy will still live on.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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