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The Dawn's Call
AK (05-11-1989 / Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India)

The Dawn's Call

The day of fallacy begun again...
And it was I..
Who was chirping around..
Along with the birds on the Monday Morning...

The customs can't leave as such...
So i was up again against the new hurdle..
The dawn class had certain lessons to show up..
And I was close to screw it up...

Once again..
Another vow was broken..
others were just rushing in as I..
To get a piece of bread..
With butter smeared on its side..

Poor guys just ran away..
With few in their hands..
and few in their mouths..
They were always rushing against the times..
And so were the some others...

Beating all odds..
there were few attacks...
Irrespective of others assumptions...
It weren't the Dogs..
But just another gang of spanks..

The hands no longer offered protection..
the mouth just had something to hang on..
Missed by one..
Rushed by others..
Poor users were forced to throw it off..

The crows were all around..
Flying in and beaking the palm..
The dogs were just running in around...
And the open battle ground..
was left for the starved Spartans for an hour...

Well everyone wiped for the Dog's prey...
The one they deserved to make..
But the grounded stuffs were well up in the air...
And the Spartans had now to leave with hunger cursing..
But no one moaned for them...

Another amendment to get on time was made...
But guess there was another Monday! ! ! !
And so the other Sundays! ! ! ! !

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