Last Day At School

Never had I imagined how this would be
The last day of my school
I never wanted it to see
All these days I acted like a fool

But this one’s for all my teachers
Who tolerated me by staying cool
I just won’t cherish the moments spend with you
But will for sure regret that why I have to leave this school

Ten years from now you held my fingers
To not just show me the path but to walk with me
I can never forget those figures
Who made me the person that my parents wanted to see

Ups and downs in my life
I was only able to over come because of you
You showed me the path, you gave me the light
Without which I would have been at strife

I am sorry for all the mischief`s that I had done
Though one thing is true that doing those were fun
You might not remember me
Cause I was not so special to you

I some times feel it’s too late to apologize
As you have already created my character sketch in your mind
Still I feel it’s not too late to make you realize
What you were and are in my life

My life would have been like an animal
If I would have missed the lessons by you
I don’t know anything about how this creation is
But I hope it helped me to convey my message

That I am sorry about the mischief’s that I had done
At the same time I am thankful to you
For showing me the light, helping me
To cross the road and the best of all

Making me the person that everyone
Had wanted me to be…

by Rachit Maskara

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You do have a uneque signature style in your poetry