The Dawning Of A New Millennium

Another thousand years has come and gone
And I am here to see the new phase of the moon
And wondering where we are
And why
The nature of the world has changed a lot
But the nature of Man has not.

We are in the midst of the most spiritually desolate of times
Greed is the phallic God of choice
Demanding the inordinate sacrifice of virtue and principle
On the altar of insouciant ego
The lambs brought to the slaughter
With their tongues cut out
Spill their blood on the stones of our sleeping indifference.

The Earth cannot long endure the ingratitude of her children
The sun will not forever spin its gold across the sky
Our world is not without end
But do we have the foresight to alter our fatal intransigence
And prevent a doom too soon
Of our own petty design?

(Previously published in Ygdrasil, Nov.1999)

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Wow nice poem and it connects with the title