The Dawning Of Grief (In Remembrance)

Poem By Vallerie Lobell

The dawning of grief is neither east nor west,
It rises here and there taking our best,
It comes out of nowhere and hits us hard,
Making us see how fragile we are,

How easily seized from loving embraces,
Leaving only memories in bits and traces,
There's one reminder and look another,
Every corner we turn we think of the others,

Great sadness has touched me twice in this life,
Through all the misery, pain and strife,
I don't know what kept this heart beating,
My time to love them, so brief and fleeting,

My son and my sister, I know where you are,
I think of you both when I look at the stars,
How much you are missed you could never know,
And though you are gone, the love still grows,

The love we seldom spoke of, but we were well aware,
Actions spoke louder than the words we felt awkward to share,
I think of you both every morning and night,
Without you two here, nothing else seems right,

As we come upon years five and one,
I keep in my heart all the things we have done,
I'm believing to see you without cancer or Chrohn's,
We'll all be together just like we belong,

Comments about The Dawning Of Grief (In Remembrance)

very sad, and touching, a beautiful poem of a love of a sister and a son, now gone. May God comfort your heart and your spirit. and give you the strength to go on.

4,5 out of 5
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