The Day

The day I fear
Is the day you walk
Turn your head,
And drive away,
I hear your voice still today.
We were so close,
'Til we grew apart.
It's all my fault.

I know it's true.
You don't have to hide it,
I believe you.
But what hurts the most
Is you lied the whole time.
If you hadn't lied,
I would have forgiven
And forgotten.

One white lie
Becomes bigger,
And bigger,
And turns into a mess...
Just like we're trying to figure out.
So what I'm trying to say is...
I fear the day we meet again,
For I fear what you shall do.

I want to be best friends again,
Best friends 'til the end again.
...But I fear that day.

by Danielle Rock

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The drifting through time, we so anticipate it, dread it, fear it. Perhaps its all for good reason, all time in our lives shapes us. We often know not reasons til much later. Take all for what its worth...