The Day After: Thanksgiving

Humbled by the felicitations
like the fragrant breeze
in a summer evening
I feel blessed
like the dancing leaves of neem tree
the mystery of life
is really infinite
which I had tried to access
from my tiny brain
many great minds
took lot of pain
in throwing light
on many facets of my poem
shall I not feel guilty
if I don't payback my thanks;
the reflex acknowledgment
from genius Robert Smith
the magnanimity of Deepak Pattanayak
the words of wisdom from Kumarmani Mahakul
the love of Prabhakar Srivastava
the best wishes from Pallab Chaudhury
the generosity of Anil Panda
the congratulations from James Mclain
the euphoric melodious words of Subhas Chakra
the effervescence of sweetness
embedded in the graceful words of Bharati Nayak
the motivating words from Christina Simmons
the nice and joyful words of Savita Tyagi
the mesmeric words from Rajnish Mangaji
the magical inspiration of Rini Jerry
the amazing lines from Jayatissa Liyanage
the kind words from Bernard F Asuncion
my thanks also to the numerous readers
not reflected in their comments
I feel blessed
with the interaction of my friends
who are the great warriors
exploring this mysterious life
through their elegant poetry.

by Kishore Kumar Das

Comments (3)

This is just awesome and shows the generosity as well as the sensitivity of the poet towards fellow poets sharing this august platform to share and interact with each other. The feelings expressed here are also shared by all of us. Thank you so much, Dear Friend Kishore. Happy New Year.
Such a beautiful thanksgiving poem written from your heart overflowing with gratitude to fellow poets who share their views on your poem! ! I join with you to give my thanks to all friends and poets of this Site who enrich and enlighten by their wise contributions.I also give my thanks to Poem Hunter for giving us the platform for interaction.
sir your poem is really a nice one because literally i miss my school so much now.And the thanksgiving day was the last day when i met everyone. Dob read my 2 latest poems, life; but not mine and always together. as i am new here. thank you!