The Day America Came Together

On a cold and cloudy day,
Americans gathered together to pray.
We prayed for the children that died,
A lot of people couldn't help but cry.
We prayed for all the lives that were lost.
For being in the building was the only cost.
Whoever did this evil crime,
Killed alot of people before their time.
They'll find the people that did this terrible act,
And they'll face God's justice and that's a fact.
We will get over this and when we do,
It will prove to people that we aren't through.
Why oh why in this peaceful land?
As Americans we are all lending a hand.
For they are truly in a better place,
And surrounded by love and seeing God's face.
For they were not ours to keep,
And its okay to cry and weep.
We will never forget those, even though we're apart,
For they will truely be in our heart.

by Roger Dodd

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