The Day Died

Dead was the day
The trees solemn
Folded green leaves
Drained, monumental effigy

Dead was the day
The wind, passage denied
Billowed hell, dead billowed here
Stench fuggated the day

Dead was the day
Cloud frowned
A cumulonimbus formed
the sky trembled
A poisonous snake, no poison
So was the day
O dead was the day

Dead was the day
Souls deserted
A desert of streets
Littered the earth
Voiceless, echoless

Dead was the day
Silent, gazing fool
Not peeping from hollow darkness
Silent it was, blank
The arteries, veins
And contours drawn on the face
Voiceless, with facial expressions
Red blooded expressions

The day was dead
Solemn was the day
The day died, when
Grand ma died

by chukwuemeke Bright

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