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The Day Harry Became A Writer
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The Day Harry Became A Writer

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

As soon as the bell rang
I said, “Those with eyes, Harry, see.”
“So what you sayin’?
I ain’t got no eyes? ”
“You should think
of becoming a writer
whatever happened
to your rap songs? ”
“I ain’t no real rap writer.”
“No confidence, eh? ”
“I got confidence, to the max.”
“Could be
there’s no way to know
unless you do
the writing a long time.”
“What’s my chances?
plus, my spellin’ ain’t that solid
and I got deep worries
that’s why I bite my fingernails.”
Harry held high his hands
for all to see.
and fundamentally
all a great writer ever needs is
those with eyes, see.”
I see
no confusion...
those with eyes, see...
they ain’t got no blind spots
coverin’ up they knowledge
like a million watt bulb in the brain,
shinin’ out,
beyond mere bulbs
you got in your house
and I got a super bright bulb
burnin’ in my brain. Yeah, I see...
those with eyes, yeah,
sure, those with eyes,
and then his head turned
into a frenzied bobbing blur of motion.
Mona said, “Bernstein, “You made the boy go nuts.”
Harry ceased his mad bobbing
calmly stood
pranced to the board and wrote:
“One morenin
the boye wackd up wit
one thowzan eyz
insteda the usuuel two.”

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Comments (3)

great poem, dont think i need to say any more! ! ! Vince
I found this delightful and, having worked with teenagers, quite possibly true. This is creative and touching. Raynette
This is very touching.