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The Day Has Come
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Day Has Come

The Day has come.

Even though I have been waiting
for a long time,
it was unexpected…

I woke up and it was here…
a visitor at the door
the taxi still waiting in the
door open…
motor running…
It said: “Are you coming? ”

I had been waiting a long time
but it was unexpected…

no time to think
to hang back
the day was leaving without me…
running away from me

So, I followed
in my haste discarding all my
baggage, leaving behind the
ribbons that tied me to the door
which was closing behind me…

I followed the Day…
the Day that has come for me.

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'I followed the Day...the Day that has come for me'..Your wedding? I am not good at interpreting hidden meanings...maybe this is not hidden..I just started writing in Nov 2007 so I am not too familiar with poetry, at all. When I saw you are from South Africa I wanted to say South Africa and all of Africa has the most beautiful succulents (plants) in all the world! I grow many exotic ones from your country...just wanted to say that..thank you.