The Day He Cried

Poem By Persephone Springs

She came to him one day and said
That She wished to fly
He met her gaze and shook his head
And begged her not to try

Her lips twisted and brows knit
As She failed to understand
Just why He wanted her to quit
And be content on land

An oath, She made, to herself to see
The stars She would explore
Although He said no just let it be
And wished to hear no more

She asked him why She shouldn't go
And why He so loved the ground
For She dreamed of soaring to and fro
And living amongst the clouds

He looked at her, sighed and said
That this journey would only lead
To disappointment in the end
As She would surely not succeed

Encouraged by his stinging words
She set out to do even more
She promised to be just like the birds
To not just fly, but to soar

So for a time, through night and day
She tried again and again
Until the morn She found her way
And rode, gracefully, the wind

She glided, majestically, here and there
And also far and near
And so She told him so, with love and care
That He had nothing to fear

Yet, on the ground He wished stay
And still refused to go
So the two went their separate ways
She flying high, and He perched below

Through his eyes, his sorrows fled
His heart a heavy stone
Because He had known how this would end
With her free, leaving him alone

And He remembered the day She said
That She had wished to fly
For it was not She he doubted, but himself instead
As He had never dared to try

Comments about The Day He Cried

A beautiful poem of a free spirit. How often people are held back from their dreams from those who suppress or doubt them. This one goes into my favorites. Thank you Persephone.
An amazing narrative befitting the lesson carried by the poem- Make up your mind and you can do whatever you want in life. Very motivating piece of poetry. Thanks. I quote: @@ An oath, She made, to herself to see / The stars She would explore @@ She tried again and again / She glided, majestically, here and there
a brilliant poem of free will set free ready to wander and make a new home? .............well written.

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