The Day I Cried For You


The day I answered your call
Was the day that ended it all
I heard your voice… and then a stall
“We need to talk, ” is when the tears started to fall

As you guiltily spoke,
I knew you had done wrong
And I thought, ”love is a sick joke! ”
And I’ve known so all along

You worried me when and how you changed
My heart since then, has rearranged
I wish that love wasn’t quite so strange
And life passed by with little change

And we’d gaze forever into each other’s eyes
And we’ll know the love that connects us
Instead of suspecting and accusing of lies
And pointing out the faults that infect us

That day that you called
And ended it all
I want you to know that I cried for you
After my aching heart died for you

Comments about The Day I Cried For You

Love sucks and i know how you feel just keep going with your feelings and the poem is good keep writing.
wow this is another beutiful write i have been there once but surprisingly i found myself going back right there love lifts one so high andf above the highest mountains and just when you are about to relax and feel fully made it releases you to fall headlong through thousands of feet knoking against rocks and priers and finally into the thorny forests. it laves no stone unturned but makes sure all joints are disjointed and all bones are fractured. read my poem ''GLORIA ISN'T MINE''and all others about Gloria.
i believe also when in the situation such as that i usually come to the conclusion that love is a sick game & tons of BS. That was a wonderfully written poem. & ive felt almost exactly like that before. Wonderful Job :) Your A Great Poet, Keep it up. Much Love. Shelby Marie.
i loved it so much Brittany it was wonderful. well done.
THIS POEM IS SOOO....SAD.....AND BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN BY YOU! ... i like it a lot....specially the first para.....keep writing such beautiful poems.. as 'this is how i feel about life' said, love will lead to a lot of pain, but it will never die.... i myself hated love before, because it brought along with it a lot of sadness and tears and fears, ....but that was because it wasnt true love...when true love shows itself to us....we will no longer have to cry... you will find a person worth your every tear...but the fascinating part is that you will never hev to cry when you have this love with you.. take care Nia

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