The Day I Grew Wings

And on that day I grew wings,
formed from my turbid being
Forged fronting lethargy
exploding ino fullness

On the day I grew wings
thus did I awake
roused from Slumber
and out
to see the golden dawn

Unfolding those heavenly pinions,
So did I begin
My flight
From flight, I soared
Leaving ground-bound existence
away from the world
arising in the vastness of the firmaments
Bathing in the brilliance of the stars
Soaking up the radiance of the Sun
Grasping the multi-faceted glimmer

And on that day I grew wings
I saw beyond earthbound eyes
into the vast expanse if the golden horizons
A world alike
yet different from the old

I traversed my dreadful summits
their icy peaks no longer
Looming tall.
My soul ran a river's course
and melded with the tides.

And on that day I grew wings
Making my way into celestial halls
Unbarred, unencumbered
Seeking what others shun
No longer fearing their foreboding symmetry

On the day I grew wings
I ceased to exist
As a child of earth
No, I live
Man of the Heavens.

by MIchael Lacostales

Comments (3)

it's out of this world....yuck: -&
Nice poem (love your style!) . Good Job! hehe! : -)
Love it. Very well written. Hugs Jan