The Day I Knew My Mommy Died

In the church I sat down
Looked up front and all around
In my heart I was really glad
Mommy has been gone
Today she's coming back
Everyone is quiet, wiping tears
How are you, my little dear
They'd take my hand and hug me tight
And tell me everything will be alright
I knew they were sad, my Daddy too
But why, I just didn't understand
Today was my birthday I was turning six
My Mother has been away, she's been sick
In a little while, they would bring her back
So why are they all such sad sacks
The music started in the little church hall
People gathered in, both big and small
They rolled in the most beautiful bed
Mommy inside, covered, except for her head
I leaped up and rushed to her bedside
Today's my birthday Mommy, I said
Reaching up I gently touched her head
My party is at two so please get out of bed
My auntie came swiftly up to my side
It's alright darling, your Mommy has died
Then she picked me up and carried me outside
Out came my family, only Daddy remained inside
They hugged me and kissed me and we all cried
The funeral was over, no time did it last
The trumpet was blown, with a great blast
Then they rolled my Mommy in her beautiful bed
Out the church door and into the hearse
To the grave, where they covered her with earth
My Daddy reached out and took my little hand
Your Mother has gone to a better land
My Daddy cried and that's all he said
While he hugged and rubbed each of us kids
Then I knew my Mommy was really dead.

by Helene Toole Howard

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im so sorry for your loss of your mom, hugs