The Day I Lost You

Have i happened to him,
have i took place in any of his years?
And his eyes, was i born in them?
like he was born in my eyes along with tears.
Did his heart even beat,
for my smile or the sound of my name?
Did he look me in the street,
praying that he could meet me again?
Tell him that his happiness is mine,
tell him i'm waiting to hear his voice.
Ask him how much left in time,
ask him if i still have a choice? ?
Tell him about the change he'll make,
trying for once to share his love and devotion.
And tell him it wasn't only a heart break,
it was my death that i've cried him an ocean.
Ask him if he misses me,
and tell him that i'm not fine.
Tell him i miss the word, we,
ask him if he used to be mine.
It'll help so much if you asked that too,
ask him if he is in love with me still?
Tell him she wishes to return to you,
and whatever he wants believe me, i will.
But before all of that tell him so,
you lost a lot letting her leaving you.
You lost her when you let her go,
and the day she stopped believing in you.
The very day she started to dream away,
and you weren't in her dream not for one time.
And when she started to cry and pray,
that she stays far from you and to be given a sign.
And that day wasn't when you told her goodbye.
when she looked in your eyes and didn't find her self.
That was the day she got over your lie,
and she decided to keep her love for some one else...

by Eman Awad

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