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The Day I Meet You
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The Day I Meet You

Poem By pop141 ...

It was the first time we meet
I was late and looked around and i could not see
My eyes filled with water thinking i just missed you
My hart shared like glass does when hit with a stone
My breath stopped and as i was about to fall
There you was...

You turned and you had the most amazing smile
Your smile was so bright it lit your face bright then a candle
You walked towards me and I felt a sweet breeze on may face
In that second I lost my berth and almost fainted
The tears in my eyes dried but still I could not see
My hart was no longer shared but still it would not beat
A sweet fragrance fill the air as you walked up to me

I closed my eyes maybe its a dream.. Then I open them
And said softly 'hey u... how are u doing..? ? '
I tried to utter a word but my voice was taken ways
I was lost.. Lost in your eyes

You gave me a rose it was red and had the sweetest smell to it
And then you hugged me and I felt as I am going to faint
And my legs turned to jelly I was gone fall
But your arms kept me up they was a support for me when i had none
You smiled at me and it was so warm that I never wanted it to end
Then we walked its was beautiful
This Easley was the best day off my life

I still remember that day you know
The day we first met
And now you are gone never to come back
If I could give my life to see that day again
I would not even having to think twice
Your touch your smile your voice
What would I give to here you voice
I would even give the world if I could
I will always remember that
The day we first meet

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