The Day I Met You

I searched for you, until I found you!
You weren't that far away. In fact
you were closer than I anticipated.
When I met you, it made my day!
Who would have thought, you'd be
just around the corner? Certainly,
not I. When we met, something
about you, happen to catch my eye!
You were extremely, charming and
very debonair. You had the warmest
smile, a smile that says, I care. How
could I resist you? You made it plain
to see. That you were very interested
and wanted to get to know, me. We
chatted for a while and it was then, I
knew. It wouldn't be that hard, to fall,
in love, with you! And fall for you I did.
I've never had one regret. And all I
can think about, is how grateful, that
we met!

by Audrey Heller

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