The Day I Walked Out Of The Prison

Bright sunshine maneuvered its course
Sheds of lights plummeted distinctively
Across the prison cells
Another new day for stern inmates
And counting how much time is left
Before they’d be free
And discover the real world again
Six blocks of 4 floors cells
Housing 5000 inmates simultaneously
Marching to the main hall for breakfast
Right after they were mustered

0830hrs in the morning workshops will be filled
With reluctant inmates to carry on
The planned and guarded routines
Some will fill the prison open compound
Playing sports game
Sweating out and work out
Or just meddle around and cliqued
Under watchful eyes of warden
At watch tower
Scrutinizing their movement

For Rasheed who has been around for 35 years
Knows the yards so well he could tell
A fight is to happen at C block
And alerted the officials
A stout build Rasheed imprisoned for life
Without parole
Hoping one day he’d get
A presidential pardon
And walks out free and conserves
Whatever he had left and missed
He was 18, young and tender
Became a permanent resident of the prison
After committing an armed robbery
Was charged with an extended penalty

Seemingly repented
Adamant he could still walks out free
Strolling the night and lays down under the tree
Counting the stars and embraces the moon
Walking on the busy streets at noon
Smiling at beautiful women as he wishes
Swimming in an open sea as he pleases
Eating at renowned restaurant
Digesting fish head curry and chili prawn
Smelling the blossoming flowers
Hoping the season will not be over
Shopping for branded clothing
Hanging out at the bar and drinking everything
But that wouldn’t be enough
He got one final plot to plough
Going to the cemetery
Visiting his long lost parents
Should he walks out free
New hope awaken
35 years wasted down the drain
A new life would conceal the pains

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (3)

'Going to the cemetery Visiting his long lost parents Should he walks out free' An amzing poem. Love it Sulaiman.
Unbelievable write.. You had my eyes glued to my screen.. and everything else fell silent around me.. Exceptional! ! ! Wendy
Wow, what an outstanding write, we all make mistakes in life my brother but it is down to us to learn from them...makes us stronger and a hell of a lot wiser. To be over the wall for that amount of time, people can become institutionalized and find it hard to adapt to life on the outside...a lot of change must take place, and so much acceptance must be absorbed in order to reflect and learn from when this moment takes place....that's when we are truly free. Stay strong my brother Jon