The Day Is Over.

The day is over, over the high mountains the sun has fallen.
The day  is lost like a gold coin in the sands buried and forgotten.
The match of the day is over and like players we must retire.
Awaiting the unknown road we shall tomorrow tread..
The day is over, and so does the heating earth undo its fire.
 In the silence of our hearts, we realise time has fled.
The day is over, like an old woman it  longs for sleep and rest..
It is over but not eternally over; it is only temporarily over.
Which leaves us with a chance, which we often detest.
Now I close my eyes to sleep; moving upon fate's gentle river...
The day is over, like an artful long and pitiful song.
And we must wipe our tears from its rhythm and music..
The day is over, the busy shadows can't stay for long.
For the sun has gone abroad, to a place beautiful and scenic..
The day is old and over, the flowers have sealed their lips.
In unity they lean on each others  backs awaiting the silvery dew.
It is over everything too knows, and he who never sleeps.
It is over and gone and everything shall be anew....

by Pius beeps Adamu

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