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The Day Love Died
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The Day Love Died

Poem By nisha dyrene

One day love died
And I didn’t notice

I found his body
Curled up on the floor
Months later
Cold and still

He left all his stuff behind for me
The stuffed dog with the floppy years
Old letters and cards
And seashells and jewellery

He died
A slow painful death
But I never knew a thing
Isn’t that strange

You’d think I’d have noticed it
After having lived with him for so long
But I didn’t

At first we thought it was murder
But that was ruled out
No bruises
No signs of a struggle

The autopsy said
He’d been ill for long
It was just matter of time
The end was inevitable

The doctors said
He’d had a bad heart.

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Wow this poem is really creative! I love it!