The Day Of Hope

THE days of absence and the bitter nights
Of separation, all are at an end!
Where is the influence of the star that blights
My hope? The omen answers: At an end!
Autumn's abundance, creeping Autumn's mirth,
Are ended and forgot when o'er the earth
The wind of Spring with soft warm feet doth wend.

The Day of Hope, hid beneath Sorrow's veil,
Has shown its face--ah, cry that all may hear:
Come forth! the powers of night no more prevail!
Praise be to God, now that the rose is near
With long-desired and flaming coronet,
The cruel stinging thorns all men forget,
The wind of Winter ends its proud career.

The long confusion of the nights that were,
Anguish that dwelt within my heart, is o'er;
'Neath the protection of my lady's hair
Grief nor disquiet come to me no more.
What though her curls wrought all my misery,
My lady's gracious face can comfort me,
And at the end give what I sorrow for.

Light-hearted to the tavern let me go,
Where laughs the pipe, the merry cymbals kiss;
Under the history of all my woe,
My mistress sets her hand and writes: Finis.
Oh, linger not, nor trust the inconstant days
That promised: Where thou art thy lady stays--
The tale of separation ends with this!

Joy's certain path, oh Saki, thou hast shown--
Long may thy cup be full, thy days be fair!
Trouble and sickness from my breast have flown,
Order and health thy wisdom marshals there.
Not one that numbered Hafiz' name among
The great-unnumbered were his tears, unsung;
Praise him that sets an end to endless care!

by Shams al-Din Hafiz Shirazi

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Ghazal 192 couplet 1: Separation day and severance night from Beloved at last is ended; This grief, as lucky star has passed and my fortune cast, is ended. Ghazal 217 couplets 1,6 and 8: Praise be to God what wonderful wealth's given to me tonight; Because my Divine Beloved came to me, quite suddenly, tonight. My blood will write 'I am The Truth' (Anal Haq) on the earth, If like Mansur they kill me on the gallows mercilessly tonight. All the time I'm frightened that Hafiz will be lost, obliterated; Because each moment I'm in possession Of such ecstasy tonight. Ghazal 218 couplets 1,3 and 13: Last night before dawn, freedom from all suffering They gave me; In the darkness of night, Water of Life-everlasting, They gave me. What a fortunate dawn and joyful night was that Night of Power When the Supreme Authority of God's Commanding They gave me. Hafiz, rejoice, rejoice then thankfully scatter the sugar of thanks: Realization of the Divine Beloved, sweetly swaying, They gave me.