The Day Of Reckoning

The day of reckoning has come.
No longer ashamed of last past mistakes,
The Sahara dessert is now behind me.
Reclining in my chair, superb life-
Is in the making as I let –
Few punches off- my chest;
Rightly so I deserve it all.
Yes after all, there are second chances;
Waiting for me behind – the rain,
Is a new blue sky -?
Singing in rhapsody
Or indigenous tune,
Unexpected is our future
I suck the taste of fresh fruit.
Defeat tragedy;
I answer my call.
I now bearing the seed
Of my labor, my womb –
Is sheltering a great promise
That is yet to come true
On that appointed time
It taste good to lick
The dream that is about to come true.

by Tess Rockenstire

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