The Day Of Smiles

The day I was happy,
Was the worst day of your life;
And you never thought it would come,
But it came after torment and strife.
The crowd gathered for nothing,
And the fake tears stained the wood.
I laid under this wood grinning,
Away from those who all stood.
All alone I may be,
But alone I have spent.
All this time to myself,
Gave me a chance to repent.
Maybe I’ll come back as a bird,
And sore up high.
Or maybe as a flower,
You smell as you pass by.
Or maybe as another being,
And ruin someones life;
But I know the happiest day for me,
Was the day I lost my life.

by Edward James

Comments (1)

He is talking as the deceased and he believes he not only came to the end of his suffering and grief, but also to much relief to others. Definately experienced loss, grief hurt and loneliness he hoped not to come back as another person as he believes it would cause them pain.