The Day She Began To Write For Herself

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The Stage Was Set
Preparation Was Done
Lines Were Written
They Would Please, She Was Certain.
She Had Practiced Hard
To Recite Those Lines With Finesse.
Anxious Was The Actress
To Begin The Drama
And Parade Her Breathtaking Spectra.

The Curtains Were Raised
There Was Pin-Drop Silence
Heart Racing With Anticipation
To Gauge The Spectator's Reactions.
Alas! There Was Not A Soul
No One To Showcase Her Talent To.
On This Stage Finely Prepared -
She Stood In Solitude, Trembling, Not Knowing What To Do
And Along Came Her Lines, Lines To Her Rescue.

Those Lines Were Her Own
No Window-Dressing
No Craving For the Best Crown.
She Was Playing With Words,
Building, Smiling, And Reciting With Grace.
She Was Anxious To Know How It Would Feel
When She Would Create Words From Her Heart
That Would Only Be Her Private Property And
Not Having To Care If The Spectators Agree Or Not.

…It Was The Day When She Began To Write For Herself…

And She Smiled With Satisfaction,
Even She Didn’t Imagine It’d Feel So Good.

Comments about The Day She Began To Write For Herself

nice poem.......i should learn to wirte for myself....keep it up! !
wow great lesson. somewhere there. must be there.
A very beautiful poem and I think I can relate to it in my own way. Love........Risha
Preets, very interesting style... it was as if every line could've been the headline in a newspaper... uplifting and empowering! ~Lee
Hey Preeths, Is this autobiographical? You are very talented, and you have developed a new style especially with the presentation (The first caps on most words) . This poem conjures up exact emotions. I like the flow. Regards Sheena (P.S. - Thanks for your comments)

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