BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)

The Day Starts,

sun is coming up,
shining so bright,
sky so blue,
not a cloud in it.
It's a total bliss,
to see the beaty still remains,
although this world is so ugly.
It feels as though,
all the pain,
is taken away from this beauty that still remains.
It resides,
and happiness comes,
overwhelming one.
Then it begins to come dark,
the sun goes down,
and the sky is gray.
Like magic,
the pain returns,
coming out of nowhere.
Things become dark,
you think the un-thought,
feelings not felt before.
The night,
it cruse's many,
those that let it,
get stuck in it.
Dug so deep,
that you can't get back out,
till the morning comes.......
but the question is,
will you make it till then?
: : end: :


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