(March 8,1988 / Evanston, Illinos)

The Day That Never Comes

Alas this many days it has been,
I have waited for someone to see clearly.
But it has been much a time since then,
My patience slowly grows more weary.

History has shown me I may not get,
To see my own deeds get some notice,
But yet in time I must not forget,
No one ever praises the un-novice.

They rather not have to comprehend,
something that could be true.
Whilst I retain nothing to defend,
I hope one day they shall gain a clue.

For I still wait to see the day,
People care that greatness can be.
But it not something I can say,
They would only think it is a fantasy.

Hath to accomplish hold no merit,
To legacy that history can cherish.
Like a diamond yet of no karat,
A diamond itself never does perish.

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