SH (October 19,1971 / Tennessee)

The Day That Never Was

It was cold and rainy, on that hot sunny day,
When the twenty foot dwarves, came out of doors to play.
Seven of them were blind, they tripped the other three,
One fell hard on his butt, and skinned up his left knee.

The mute one said something, about having a fight,
So they agreed to meet, at noon that very night.
One got shot with a bat, one got cut with a ball,
One was hung with a tongue, one was hit with a wall.

You wouldn't believe the chaos, on that empty street,
The people who were watching, were clapping their feet.
Thunder struck a light pole, and dark lit up the sky,
One guy fell back forward, in water that was dry.

The deaf one heard sirens, the mute one told the rest,
All of them got away, except the worst and best.
I would not make this up, even though it's a lie,
If you don't believe me, you can ask the dead guy.

by Sherry Honeycutt

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