PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Day The Devil Came To Town

He came to earth,
In the guise of a rock star,
His hooves seared the ground,
His voice strong and loud,
Large ox horns,
Framing his red skinned face,
And his slanted green eyes.

For he was the devil,
Here to teach,
The guilty lessons,
His touch would burn,
Skin he would peel,
Like an orange.

The pressure and heat,
He would increase,
His desire for pain intense,
A bastard for sure,
His heart empty and cold,
Like the vast space,
That makes the universe.

For he came from the edge,
Of the stars; the wall,
Of the universe a heated world,
Where angels fear to tread,
His games like a spider’s web,
Games and tricks his forte.

There are many hells,
In his world,
Heat, desire, blood,
Monsters, vampires, zombies,
Cenobites and many creatures,
That haunt those in nightmares.

This is the day,
The devil came to town,
With these monsters,
A trick of the mind,
A trick of the light,
The devil stone,
For cruel games,
Are the devil’s thrill,
For he is programmed,
To attack and kill,
But by whom,
No one knows.

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