The Day The Earth Stands Still

The day the earth stands still
You know, what'll happen?
What'll happen to a running bicycle
When stopped by the brakes sudden?
The earth and the cycle will,
With no balance, fall down.

Only one will be down,
With the cycle's fall.
How many will be thrown,
Out with the earth's fall?
This scene you imagine,
And see for yourself well.

Will there be land any
Left by the gobbling sea?
Will there be air plenty
To breathe and live free?
Will there be tree green
Around us to be seen?

Will there be any survival
Of life on this earth?
Will there be any life revival
To overtake this aftermath?
Will this earth exist at all
To keep us again in mirth?

Who saves the earth from a fall?
Who runs the writ over the planets?
Who saves lives, big or small?
Who from these catastrophes prevents?
Who rushes for help to our call?
Isn't the act of God right above us?

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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