PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Day The Farmer Saved His Pig's Bacon

Jack the farmer loved his pigs,
Especially one little runt,
A runt Jack called George,
It was a royal name for sure,
For a royal pig.

Every year Jack,
Would take his livestock,
To the farmer’s market,
For he made a good profit,
But one year Jack could not,
Allow the runt George,
Into the market.

However, George was accidentally,
Taken to the Farmer’s market,
By a replacement farmer,
As Jack had been ill,
And had not been able,
To organize his livestock.

It seemed George was going,
To be unlucky and sent out,
To be slaughtered,
But George’s luck turned.

Jack got better in time,
To see how the market was going,
When he spotted his pig, George,
He could not believe it:
He had insisted George,
Not be sold as livestock.

So in time George was taken,
Off the buying list,
And Jack the farmer saved him,
Where George grew up,
Loving wandering around the farm,
And his pen, with the other pigs,
And soon George became a dad.

Jack the farmer could not,
Save all his pigs,
But he allowed George’s piglet,
To live, and no one questioned,
Jack the farmer,
George a beautiful,
At home-on-the-farm pig,
For Jack was the farmer,
That saved his pig’s bacon.

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