Ph: Love: So Spaced!

She's Spaced, first Lunar Laureate, 'Colon'ized Moon, '
Who knows how many sing her tune,
Her beauty flows in ancient rhyme, gives voice to time,
Word's gravitas, with firmament unsung before,
Where rust's an unknown metaphor.

Moon has no seasons, though it spins, knows no regrets,
What Lora wants there, Lora gets,
With Love unfazed by charms of men or wiles therein
Her heart strums chords Love dares to feel, that harmonize,
Reveal, but do not patronize!

In 'Dark Side's' vacuum, 'Lover's' light, tears have a place
No smile's yet owned a human face,
Her solitude knows wealth love pays on better days,
Bereft of beauty, hope, and charm, still walks with God
(And arm in arm!)Does Grace seem odd?

Brian Johnston
June 27,2019

Poet's Notes:
A loving poem of tribute for Lora Colon, one of my favorite poet
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by Brian Johnston

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I have reflected on this piece... and I find it quite, quite beautiful and sadly peaceful - it leaves a vacancy of song in my own mind. Thank you. Regards AA Gordon :)
Very interesting. Thanks.
Music- Divine music is immortal! To be enjoyed by all and can never stop!