The Day Trip

We were at the bus stop after a day on the beach,
the time was precisely 16: 41.
We had been waiting here for only a few minutes,
and a cloud has just blocked out the sun.

This afternoon's blue sky with fluffy white clouds,
has now changed to a sky of grey.
From the south are coming much darker clouds,
a summer storm is on its way.

A few drops of heavy rain fell but then suddenly stopped.
The air changed to become heavy and still.
In the distance we heard the sound of thunder,
and the wind got up, bringing a chill.

The stillness was disturbed by a torrential fall of rain.
A flash of lightning lit up the ground and sky.
The thunder and lightning seemed to be chasing each other,
all we could do was wait until they passed us by.

The lightening was getting longer, brighter, and closer.
The thunder was creating a tremendous din.
The swirling driving rain was coming inside the shelter,
goose-bumps formed on our uncovered skin.

We all sang together, I hear thunder, I hear thunder,
as the summer storm did its worse.
The ground shook as the thunder passed over us,
and we sang another chorus of the verse.

The freshened cold wind was biting our naked legs,
The shelter's roof only protected us from the rain.
The blue and white lightning continued, but lessened.
Black clouds made way for grey once again.

The storm front was now moving northwards,
the sparrows and starlings gave movement nearby.
The rain had stopped and the air smelt much fresher,
and patches of blue appeared in the sky.

by Orlando Belo

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