The Days Dwindle Down

The days, have started to dwindle down,
as it reminds me, the summer months,
are gone! Soon, the cold months will start
to appear. For time, really marches on!
It goes so fast, you hardly have time, to
catch your breath! Soon you'll be facing
snowy weather, where the snow, piles up
in depth! The summer was wonderful, while
it lasted, basking in the noon day sun! Who
doesn't enjoy out door activities, as we all,
have a great deal of fun! Now, you have to
face, the long, cold days and nights of winter,
which never seems to end! If you're the out
door type and like to ski, then this time of
year, definitely, is your friend! For some
reason, the winter months, always drags
on. You find yourself, counting the days,
wishing, it soon, would be gone. However,
wishing, doesn't make it so, it seems it's
here to stay. And as we always do, as we
did in the past, we wish it would go, away!

by Audrey Heller

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