The Dead

I feel today a divine bliss,
I don't know what to make of this,
I feel as light as birds feather,
And calm as seas in fair weather,
To Dimensions unknown now I float,
To Worlds and Planes far apart.

Now I look and find my place,
Through the dust, cloud and haze,
I see my body's still there,
And Vultures, Crows do pick and tear.

No feelings do I Know,
No Fear, Anxiety or Sorrow,
Father time has stopped for me,
No Knife or Sword can hurt me now,
I lie as if I sleep in bed,
Adieu, Onlookers, I am Dead.

by ragesh damodaran

Comments (1)

vivid nd true description of how one would feel just after he is light, so calm nd relieved of all worldly feels.....supreme joy.....very well written......i relate to this.