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The Deadly Flu

They say we'll be affected.
Millions are to die.
Then they say don't worry
as if we'll give a sigh.

I know the world has problems.
We've had our share of pain.
I know so far we're lucky
but it's driving me insane.

What if my child does get it?
Is there nothing I can do?
I could not watch them slowly die.
Is the fear the same for you?

I'd like to keep them home now
at least until it's done.
But that would not be living
and I'd frighten everyone.

It's hard to hear ''It's coming.'
The news is spreading fast.
I'm praying they are wrong this time.
Let's not repeat the past.

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Dear Mary, I love you and your concern, and I agree with Black Magic Woman, you should eat well, but I wish her name was Positively Fourth Street!
Well Mary, they never let us have a rest do they. It's always something or other that we are going to have to face, They send everyone into a panic. What is the point if there is nothing we can do to prevent it. I hate these scaremongers they really spoil your day, don't they. Sincerely Ernestine. Well written on the subject.
Mary - I believe that it's is correct. It is the contraction of 'it is' as opposed to the possessive form of the pronoun it - which is its. Good poem by the the way. avr
Mary, please correct it's to its in the second stanza.There is a way to protect yourself but it is not available at the local MD's office. H
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