The Deal

Poem By Dylan higinbothom

Come dearies let's make a deal.
I can help you get out of your misfortunes and ordeals.

Please just sign your name on this line,
And all your troubles will end just fine.

" What is the price, " you may ask.
Well, the truth I will now unmask.

All I wish in return is your wondrous soul.
I promise it shall not take a heavy toll.

So why must you look at me with such scowls?
I am not some scum from the darkest bowels.

Your soul, you might say is something that you should neither give nor take,
But the Light will always have this argument to make.

I will come to you with this deal in your greatest time of need.
Know, however, that from this contract you cannot be freed.

Your leaders usher words of resistance against my power, saying its just too dark.
But what seems to them as pain and sorrow is my just my trademark.

Call out to your gods for help of plenty,
But I have looked upon their very thrones and found them not, but empty.

So keep looking down upon me and my deal from your golden towers.
Sooner or later you will beg me for this deal for you know my powers.

When I shall come to you it will be in the form of one you love,
And my deal will appear as a symbol of hope, much like the dove.

So why must you fight my deal most fair?
You know we could make quite the pair.

Come dearies make this deal that you will soon learn to trust.
For with me and my deals, you will never turn to dust.

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