(11/26/1971 / New York)

The Death And Life Of A Dream

a dream,
it's true
dies first
soft, tender, unattended
relegated to the long expanse
of bygone
misplaced emotions
desires and secrets
decay at the bottom
of our malleable minds
archaic thoughts
forced to peek around
life's current corners
at treasures both luxuriant
and worthless without them
still sealed with intense
covert feelings
secretly stashed
it suddenly
will dust itself with doubting fingers
earnestly wanting to feel
needed again
trying hard
not to crumble
when newly exposed.

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Comments (3)

Great stuff!
definately a mouthfu! And a complex sentence....describing a complex indescribable event! i had to read it many times, possibly because i am dimwitted. Maybe i need some punctuationto distinguish the concepts and attach phrases to one another. A tale of tradgedy with a glimmer of hope at the end. I definately have to work at this one.
I LIKE this! And your titles are great! Wonderful, thought provoking stuff! I make this prediction: 'You are going to be writing more! ! ' Don't hold me to that! BUT, I hope so! I can relate to your approach! Nice work... Lawrence