The Death Of A Junkie

Poem By Johnny Lennox

Racketing stations,
Midnight silences
Man just a boy
Sits contemplating violence's
Absorbed in illusion
Of suffocating time
A daring mind dwindles
Without a dime

Chiseled bone,
Skinny frame
Fixing need
Painful to tame
Plunged into cycle,
Too weak to ride
His heart had already died

Hungering in the
Silence of wait
Natures next move
Dominating his fate

Grasping fingers
He holds last cigarette
Wedged between his hard felt skin.
Roughened calluses
Future so dim
Fiery embers in deaf they fall
Hitting gum ridden grounds
Graffiti smothered walls
Gormless stares
Endless frowns

Orange essences,
Like persistent dawns
Birthing shadows
In which this man mourns
Playing out in endless dance
Melancholic ambiance
Tough romance

Staring toward
Rushing midnight trains
Hollow eyes alight
Abaft sullen glass pains
People lingering,
Incessant weight-some stares
Sirens aloof
Screaming death affairs
Desperate hookers
Walking their course
Lips tender
In debt to remorse

All seems low
Not eager to loiter
He thinks for a minute
Contemplating self slaughter
But then
In his most dire second
An enigmatic silhouette is beckoned
Angelically emerging
By unknown ways
From the crying eve of disarrays
Pupils deep in oily black

Stands she does,
Fixating eyes,
Silently he quivers
Look of surprise
No one's here,
No one prays
Just him with her
Her perplexing ways
Eyes seducing
Seductive haze
Sinking him under
Breathless graves
Under he falls
Into the hostile waves

Her lilac skin so pink and angelic
Frozen in past
Awoken as a relic
The closer she paces
The more his heart races
Gracefully she chases
Sweat falling deeper and deeper
Faster and faster
Clasping lips clamped
Upon butt ended cigarette

Black laced gloves
Slowly slipping off
Angelic hands,
So soft and untouched
Hazel spheres and
Hair of coal
This beauty prowls
Upon his wretched soul
He cries and yells in seeing her sight
As she injects the happiness
He had longed for every night
A penetrating prick,
So brown and smoldering
Removing all cold
Of the bitter-some night
Simmering cigarette now drops
To the grey cities below
Fleshy fingers collide
In cackling laughter

Veins now venomous
Substance scurries through
Collapsing walls of weak azure
Heart and ecstasy are finally met
With uncontrollable secreting sweat

Eyebrows praying to the heavens aloft
Pupils thickened
Her cheeks so soft
Chronic lust forcing blistering nerves.
Ancient smiles
With blood red lips
Riddled with death
At his fingertips


Minds floats to
Screaming ruffled bed sheets
With snakes and chimes
Slithers and cries
Cheap squandered motels
Whiskey glasses
Lipstick stains
Blackened nails
Itching flesh
Pulled back eyelids
No state of rest
Howls of hellish screams
In eternal infernos
Feeding mans hedonistic dreams
Self satisfying
Guilty indulgence
Whispering commands in acts of repugnance
Earnest orgasms
Of eager eccentricities
Pounding pink thighs
Hands now bound and tied
Slowly she reveals
Shadowy undergrowth's
Exposing the negativity
Sharp iron
Piercing libidinous lusts
Scattering sacred red liquid
With scorned throbbing thrusts
Pacing the blank baring walls
Toes scurrying among the motel floors


Reflecting in reflective surfaces
Minds bend in swelling terror
Faces of demonic forces
Smack this junkie dweller
Rotting self imposing self
Spirits quickly remove themselves
Pumping life into unknown abysses
Monotonous motel lights
Flicker above
Silent hisses
Thrusting pricks
Deathly kisses
Mouth leaking
Spurting deceit,
She gets her kicks
In this horrifying heat

Beds now a feather some mess
A job is done
Done is it
She winks and smiles with one last kiss
Slipping black gloves
Back onto angelic hands
She gracefully scurries off into
The unknown night
Hat tilted and
Blackness in her heart
He lays lifeless
Stiff in stained splattered parts
Naked eyed
Skin undressed


Moon dwindles with blazing night alike
Sun is rekindled soon infusing life
But their lays man
Heartless and cold
Blood has dried
Blackened and fried
With curtain ajar
Light shimmers through
Shining upon his rotting face of gloom

Where she now
The wicked bitch?
Have her sullen ways receded to the ditch
With which she first came?
I hope this to be true
For another has been slain

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