The Death Of A Superhero

His cape is ripped and torn into shreds
his costume is blackened and burnt
all he learnt over the years about the power of truth and justice
which he has tried to embody
is slowly ebbing away from him.
It’s a tragedy but we are witnessing the death of a superhero.
His belief in goodness, law and order shaken to the core
the foundations of his life lie broken on the floor
vigilante vengeance and upholding the law have become revenge
and the avenging angel has lost his faith.
everyone has their weaknesses their breaking point
even superman’s was kryptonite
now the light of hope has become darkness death and despair
for this hero
his girlfriend lies dead on the floor
he now has nothing to live for
as he fights for his life in an emergency room hospital bed
but it’s a fight that hangs in the balance and he might not win
but if he does he’ll shed his superhero costume
and become what he hates the most a killer bent on revenge
to avenge himself and his lover
but this will be the end of his alter ego!

by Daniel Hooks

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