The Death Of My Mother

Upon The Death of My Mother
By Freeyad Ibrahim
Before her departure,
I was alive sentenced to death
After her parting
I've become dead sentenced to life.

Why have you departed?
Before you gave birth tome, O! my mother
are there no other stairs save death
in order to ascend towards the Kingdom of God?
The living beings are sleepnig on the ground
And the dead underneath it..
The differnce between them: the bed-place
And the kind of cushions and covers!
Her last wishes were:
I'd be the one who the eyelids of her Tomb shall shut
My last dreams were
She might close my eylids with her own hands
Both of us failed to fulfil
a slight desire
Ye, the passerby: one moment please..
Would you take a memorial photo of me?
with the air first
and with myself next
then a collective one:
me togther with sorrow and solitud
And aother one of my mother sleeping in my heart
Glorious You are my God
Is it true that the torments of helfire
Could be fiercer than the agony I suffer?
As it proved impossible to see off my mother
if only the postman of The Hereafter
had put the letter in my life's mailbox
and not upon my mother's pillow!
My brothers, cover her with a thick quilt of dust
Lest she should hear my wailing
while I am screaming in the wilderness
Like a beaten child: "I want my mother"
then she starts to cry
When I visit my mother
I'll strew over her tomb lots of wheat
My mother likes sparrows
Every dawn
She wakes up at their chirps..
And from her ablution water
Fills the clay vessel under the date palm of the house
Then scatters wheat with yellow corn
On the ground


by Freeyad Ibrahim

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