The Death Of People Close To You

It's silent within these walls,
This house is completly dark,
No movement can be seen within it,
For it's only resident is lying in a pool of her own blood,
The phone rings and no one answers,
The person on the other end,
Hears nothing but an unearthly silence,
They assume she is asleep,
But the truth is she is dead,
Her skin so pale,
Her lifeless eyes gaze at the ceiling,
As if she had died for it,
A door could be heard opening,
The rush of feet upon the stairs shattering the silence,
The girls bedroom door creaks open,
To reveal to her lovers shock,
Her dead body upon his sheets,
She looked almost like an angel laying there,
But he knew the instant he entered the room she was dead..
His sobs echoed throughout the house,
Even as he fell to his knees on the floor,
He couldn't believe she had killed herself,
He had tried so hard to keep her from doing it,
But she had slipped away from him,
And now he was alone just like he had been just before they had met,
That night he was going to tie the knot,
The ring fell from his hand and he began to shake,
Without her there he would slowly began to wither away,
Days passed slowly after they removed her body,
He hid and refused to move from the room,
Deep inside he knew she wouldn't want this,
But he wasn't ready to face the world again,
As the months slipped away,
He slowly began to leave that house,
Sometimes he could still feel her with him,
Laughing as carefree as can be,
Other times he felt more alone than any person should,
With a heavy heart and pain filled memories,
This man no longer a boy,
Decided it was time to start anew...

by Silver Akira

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