The Death Of Rosaline

They knew not she was dying.
For yet she seem'd to smile.
While the flatterer was trying
Her sadness to beguile,
That smile so full of sadness
But hid her cureless pain.
It flitted like a sun beam-—
And she ne'er smiled again.

False Avords were gaily spoken,
Beside the festive board,
Of sweet vows lightly broken,
Of fading joys restored.
Life's hopes should still be cherished,
Though sorrow break their chain—
Her one fond hope had perished.
She could never hope again.

They knew not she was dying,
For the bloom upon her cheek
Now comes—and now seems flying.
As words of love they speak.
But none the while desponded.
And the minstrel raised his strain—
She with one faint sigh responded.
And never breathed again.

by Josias Homely

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