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The Death Of The Familiar

I waited for each
protracted day to stretch by
before leaving on my trip,

living through every
crucified minute,
no other way, and then,

as the day neared,
I began to fear this new life,
this release from routine
into the abundance of a heart's
dream about to be brought alive.

Anything new
entails a little death,
I realized, any departure
beyond known rounds brings

some frantic grasping for the life
you're choosing to end,
its solid body
that you'll never touch again

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Comments (4)

Enjoyed this piece. However, I'd suggest taking it easy on those italics. A well-published travel writer I knew for a while told me never to italicise in prose or poetry because the words should stand up for themselves. If one has the tone and deployment of language right, one doesn't need such gimmicks.
This is a beautiful piece Max. It has a depth to it that is quite startling. It reads like a painting in which the colours blend into each other, unnoticed.
Subtitle: Fear of the Unknown! Good writing Max, to pinpoint both the choice and the fear at the same time.
Fabulously expressed Max! I am sure many will identify with the fear involved in this exquisite poem. Thanks for sharing it, I wondered what that terrible feeling from time to time was? Smiling at you, Tai