What A Friend We Have In Jesus

What a friend believers have in Jesus, yes what a friend forevermore,
What a friend you'd have in Jesus, indeed my friend He's at the door.
He's a friend so kind and loving; is the one thing I must underscore,
For He's a friend unlike any other, for His love will forever endure.

What other friend would suffer and die a wicked death upon a tree,
His death was more than just an effort to be a friend for eternity.
Through His death He cleansed my soul and forever He set me free,
Free to have His friendship now and be with Him through all eternity.

He's a friend, who's always at my side with a faithful helping hand,
And His loving friendship never wavers in this troubled weary land.
He is The Eternal Rock of Ages, when I find myself in shifting sand,
And when I lose my footing, He firmly holds me and helps me stand.

Not even knowing why or when, He sought me out to be my friend,
He's unlike any other friend; He promised to be with me to the end.
Not only my sin would He cleanse, as my hurt He will heal and mend.
And so I wouldn't stray again, I have The Spirit He promised to send.

In a trial I'm not denied, He says let's reason together, you and I,
So with a heavy heart I can not hide, I enter His Throne up on High.
God's Grace, is the reason why, through His blood I am not denied,
And because of His love I can't deny, that I am His and He is mine.

(Copyright © 06/2003)

by Bob Gotti

Comments (3)

the poem was ballin. This poem was like 5 seconds left on the clock down by 2 dish it out to Kobe fade away three, swish.
My quotation marks around the passage cited in the second sentence and around the other poem cited were both deleted, for some reason.
The most beautiful elegy I've ever read. The one who in her youthful beauty died was Bryant's little sister, apparently succumbing in the autumn. There's another poem of his entitled Consumption, which we now call tuberculosis. I wonder if that was also intended for her?