MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)

The Death Within

Loneliness brings
The death within
And as the bottle empties,
The nightmares begin.

Ice cold memories
Of better days
They compound your agony
Through an alcohol haze

The tears felt by no one
Shine on your cheek
And your words go unheard
As you feign to speak

With one foot in the grave
You wait for a shove
For at six feet below
You shed the pain from above

The doors of your optimism
Have been rusted closed
And the key to your hopes
Has long since decomposed

All you have is a heart beat
That no one will hear
For the world’s cold and distant,
Full of hatred and fear

And the empty words from strangers are but bits of earth
cast upon the coffin of the soul.

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Comments (2)

Ooh very slickly written, I love the imagery of emotions in this, especially emotions I, at one time, could relate to, yet couldn't quite describe, myself... very astounding..
yep i like it, the words and imagery you use, exactly match the life and dark times alcoholics go through.