The Deception Of Life

Life is as dead as it falls,
And it falls as dead as life,
It goes in circles as if it were a marry-go-round
It laughs and plays as if we were just a toy,
Mocking us teasing us, but that’s the burden of life,

We all find something we love, something we can bare for the rest of our lives,
But life takes that away, in only the blink an eye,

As we stand on the edge
Holding down our heads, and no one knows were alive,
As we stand under the street light,
Just watching as the days go by,
We have no hope, we have no glory,
It exempts us from the world,

Life is mysterious, but life is known,
It’s not god, for there is none to be known,
Life is painful and brings us tears...
Life… is our greatest fear…..

by Cody Sky

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you write words of truth. i really enjoyed this piece. great write
this is well wrote, good work